New journal paper: Ontologies for finding journalistic angles

By | 2020-06-01

A new paper is out in the Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM) journal: . It extends our EMMSAD’2019 paper.

Abstract: Journalism relies more and more on information and communication technology (ICT). ICT-based journalistic knowledge platforms continuously harvest potentially news-relevant information from the Internet and make it useful for journalists. Because information about the same event is available from different sources and formats vary widely, knowledge graphs are emerging as a preferred technology for integrating, enriching, and preparing information for journalistic use. The paper explores how journalistic knowledge graphs can be augmented with support for news angles, which can help journalists to detect newsworthy events and make them interesting for the intended audience. We argue that finding newsworthy angles on news-related information is an important example of a topical problem in information science: that of detecting interesting events and situations in big data sets and presenting those events and situations in interesting ways.

Opdahl, A. L., & Tessem, B. (2020). Ontologies for finding journalistic angles. Software and Systems Modeling, 1-17.

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