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Andreas L Opdahl and Tareq Al-Moslmi presents at data and computational journalism conference

On July 1st, Andreas L Opdahl and Tareq Al-Moslmi participated at the 3rdEuropean Data and Computational Journalism Conference (DataJConf) in Malaga, Spain, where Opdahl presented the joint short paper Detecting newsworthy events in a journalistic platform. Al-Moslmi, Tareq Abdo Abdullah; Gallofré Ocaña, Marc; Opdahl, Andreas Lothe; Tessem, Bjørnar (2019). Detecting newsworthy events in a journalistic… Read More »

Paper presented at EMMSAD’2019

At EMMSAD 2019, co-located with CAiSE’19 in Rome, Andreas L Opdahl presented the paper Towards ontological support for journalistic angles, written jointly with Bjørnar Tessem. Abstract: Journalism relies more and more on information and communication technology (ICT). New journalistic ICT platforms continuously harvest potentially news-related information from the internet and try to make it useful… Read More »

Paper presented at IEEE RCIS 2019

At the 13th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (IEEE RCIS 2019), May 29-31, 2019, Brussels, Belgium, Bjørnar Tessem presented the paper: Supporting journalistic news angles with models and analogies. Abstract: News angles are approaches to content presentation in journalism, where the journalist chooses which facts of an event to present. The News… Read More »

Bjørnar Tessem gives talk about creative AI in Stavanger

At AI Narrator: humanistiske perspektiver på automatiske fortellinger (“humanistic perspectives on automated storytelling”) in Stavanger, Bjørnar Tessem gave the talk: Kan kunstig intelligens vere kreativ? Eit informasjonsvitskapleg perspektiv på AI Narrator (“Can artificial intelligence be creative? An information-scientific perspective on AI Narrator.”)

The News Angler group attends the Norwegian Big Data Symposium

In the late autumn of 2018, the project group attended the 4th Norwegian Big Data Symposium (NOBIDS 2018) in Trondheim to present our joint paper on our big data platform for news angles. Before the workshop, we had an internal 1-day seminar and, the day after, Opdahl attended the NxtMedia Conference also in Trondheim. Abstract:… Read More »