News Angler talks at SKG4J 2020

SKG4J 2020: the 1st International Workshop on Semantic and Knowledge Graph Advances for Journalism took place during CIKM 2020, 19-23 October 2020. Andreas gave a keynote about our ongoing literature study, whereas Tareq and Marc presented several papers. A brief report is available here:

Papers accepted at SKG4J, a workshop associated with CIKM 2020

We have three papers accepted at 1st Workshop Semantic and Knowledge Graph Advances for Journalism, a workshop associated with CIKM 2020. Challenges and Opportunities for Journalistic Knowledge Platforms, by Marc and Andreas: “Journalism is under pressure from loss of advertisement and revenues, while experiencing an increase in digital consumptionand user demands for quality journalism and… Read More »

Paper accepted for the Computers in Industry journal

Our paper about the previous News Hunter prototype is accepted for publication in Elsevier’s journal Computers in Industry: A Knowledge-Graph Platform for Newsrooms by Arne Berven at Wolftech, along with Ole A. Christensen, Sindre Moldeklev, Andreas L. Opdahl, and Kjetil J. Villanger. It significantly updates, improves, elaborates, and extends our previous NOKOBIT paper from 2018.… Read More »

New journal paper: Analysis and Design of Computational News Angles

A new paper is out on representing and analysing news angles formally: . It is a collaboration between the University of Bergen and the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. Abstract: A key skill for a journalist is the ability to assess the newsworthiness of an event or situation. To this purpose journalists often… Read More »

New journal paper: Ontologies for finding journalistic angles

A new paper is out in the Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM) journal: . It extends our EMMSAD’2019 paper. Abstract: Journalism relies more and more on information and communication technology (ICT). ICT-based journalistic knowledge platforms continuously harvest potentially news-relevant information from the Internet and make it useful for journalists. Because information about the same… Read More »

Tareq Al-Moslmi presents paper at ICACIn’20

At the 1st International Conference on Advanced Computing and Informatics, Tareq Al-Moslmi presented his joint paper on blockchains and smart contracts to provide privacy in decentralised data processing. Marc Gallofré Ocaña, Abdo Ali Al-Wosabi, and Tareq Al-Moslmi (2020): Towards a Blockchain and Smart Contracts-Based Privacy Framework for Decentralised Data Processing. In Proc. 1st Int. Conf.… Read More »

New journal paper: Named Entity Extraction for Knowledge Graphs: A Literature Overview

A new paper is out in IEEE Access: . It is a comprehensive literature study of approaches that extract, disambiguate and link named entities. Abstract: An enormous amount of digital information is expressed as natural-language (NL) text that is not easily processable by computers. Knowledge Graphs (KG) offer a widely used format for representing… Read More »

Bjørnar Tessem presents paper about news angles at AI 2019 in Cambridge

On December 17-19, Bjørnar Tessem presented a new paper about analogical reasoning about news angles based on text similarity at the 39th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2019) in Cambridge, UK. Tessem, Bjørnar (2019). Analogical New Angles from Text Similarity. In Artificial Intelligence XXXVI, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer, pp. 449-455.

Tareq Al-Moslmi presents papers about named-entity recognition and sentiment analysis at ICOICE 2019

Tareq Al-Moslmi presents three papers on named-entity recognition and cross-domain sentiment analysis at the First International Conference of Intelligent Computing and Engineering (ICOICE 2019) in Yemen, one of them co-authored with Marc Gallofré-Ocaña. Albared, M., Ocaña, M. G., Ghareb, A., & Al-Moslmi, T. (2019, December). Recent Progress of Named Entity Recognition over the Most Popular… Read More »

Csaba Veres presents paper about learnability and verb semantics at AI 2019

At the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2019), Csaba Veres presented his joint paper on A Machine Learning Benchmark with Meaning: Learnability and Verb Semantics. Abstract: Just over thirty years ago the prospect of modelling human knowledge with parallel distributed processing systems without explicit rules, became a possibility. In the past five years… Read More »